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The Riders

In a 2013 opinion piece ‘Misogyny lurks in Winton's world of fiction’, Nicolle Flint weighed up Tim Winton’s various representations of male and female character in his novels and concluded: …These female characters appear stereotypical. They ''bother''. What remains most remarkable about Tim Winton's writing, in the context of ongoing allegations of sexism and misogyny, is that the literary left leaves the handiwork of one of our most revered cultural icons unexamined. ''Sometimes,'' as Bob Dylan once sang, ''the silence can be like thunder.''Bob Dylan also sang ‘The Times, they are a-changing”, and Winton has spoken directly about such accusations. (Guardian interview with Gay Alcorn, 2018): “I’m writing outside the enclave of the inner city, and what’s happening in the world that I’m seeing is that women are having a harder trajectory than men. And if there has to be a body count, does nobody seem to notice that most of the me…